how it all got started

Our Story

A mom, a fish tank, a pediatrician, and some brilliant nurses got together and fashioned a formula that is unique, affordable, and beneficial for multiple uses.  Read below to hear more about how we got started!

Jen Moore and Gina Herrmann

In Started In Two Places Across The Country!

Jen Moore, a mom from Louisiana, struggled with her two-year-old’s diaper rash and aquarium chemicals.  Dr. Gina Herrmann, a Colorado pediatrician and now managing partner of her practice in Arvada, had prescribed a unique mix for her patients to fight difficult rashes.

Their stories, while different, brought them together in 2009 to formulate CoolBottoms® and NeutrapHor®.  Manufacturing became a challenge when we were gaining traction and customers.  We are happy and proud to say we’ve waddled back to market!

The participation of wound care physicians and nurses on our team has led us to serve the hospital and long-term care arena, as well as baby care.  You can find our products here, on Amazon, and in fine independent pharmacies.