CoolBottoms® Penguin Case


CoolBottoms® Infant Skin Conditioner 2 oz. Jar Case of 12



Case of 12 CoolBottoms® 2 oz jar.  Order one for your church nursery or day care!  Developed by a pediatrician and mother, CoolBottoms® is a new way to cool and soothe your baby’s skin.  pH-mediated and carefully formulated, CoolBottoms® sinks into the skin and goes to work immediately.  No zinc oxide; safe for sea life.  Apply liberally as needed:

• pediatrician and mom developed

• soothes and cools irritated skin

• no scrubbing to remove

• sinks into the skin and begins to work immediately

• fragrance-free, steroid-free

• helps reduce the appearance of redness

• patented, pH-mediated formula


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